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Pre-project phase and Project Services: architectural project development - concept creation - Feasibility and reporting - competitive analysis. Yeditepe steel construction company with a strong team of all projects in field prepares. A Steel building is a construction company that will serve you in this regard.

Planned to be constructed steel house, steel villa, steel structure construction, estimated costs, underwriting, processing, evaluation methods, pricing methods. Steel house, steel Villa, steel structure contracting, with contracts to be made for businesses to follow methods.

Consulting services for steel structures, light steel house to build the consulting, the regulation of Relations, providing consulting services project management works. Yeditepe prefabrik yapı Firm with a strong team, an establishment, which provides consulting services in the field of steel construction for all projects.Will enlighten you with technical knowledge and experience.

Steel House - Steel Villas


Ebru Steel House

City made the house ready for production for those who want life in the village is close and will be delivered soon.


Hazeran Steel House

Changing the meaning of the steel villa home, you want a house that attracts people with its appearance?


Season Steel House

Season Steel House, Steel Structures Concept.


Orchids Steel Houses

Light steel structure in nature interwoven with a living environment suitable for coatings that are waiting for you


Freesia Steel House

If you want to see what you made of mild steel to steel villa.


Marigold Steel House

Light Steel House, Steel Villa.